Hudson’s Standard Road Map of Minnesota [and] Hudson’s Standard Road Map of Iowa


Double sided road map of Iowa and Minnesota issued by Pillsbury.

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“Pillsbury’s Pancake Flour Makes a Delicious Breakfast in 6 Minutes” The advertisement can be seen splashed across the top left of the page in bold red letters – the only color on the image save for some old highlights along a route to Itasca State Park. The Minneapolis-based based flour firm looked to spur sales when they licensed this map of Minnesota, designed and published by the Hudson Map Company in 1932.

The image shows roads based on their surface composition (paved, dirt, gravel, etc.) and includes highway markers for Minnesota and the surrounding states in the upper right corner. A comprehensive index to towns and cities across the state can be found on either side, each with their respective population according to the 1930 census.

The verso includes a similar map covering the state of Iowa, as well as an inset map of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area, and another promotion for Pillsbury’s pancake flour. “It is a staple food with men who hunt and fish, and with auto-tourists…”

Map Details

Publication Date: 1932

Author: Hudson Map Company

Sheet Width (in): 25.75

Sheet Height (in): 32.00

Condition: B+

Condition Description: Formerly folded into 18 segments, with creasing and wear along fold lines. A few spots show faint discoloration (note lower left). Small tears along the outer edge of the sheet and pinholes at fold intersections. Old annotations in red crayon or oil pencil highlight several routes on either side. Remains in good to very good condition overall.


1 in stock