Gregory’s Road Map of Sydney and Environs


Large pre-war map of the area around Sydney, Australia.

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This is one of the earliest available maps of Sydney issued by the Gregory Publishing Company, who would go onto produce maps of the city for another 30+ years. It shows the area around the capital of New South Wales just before the outbreak of WWII. Since no date was provided by the publisher, it was dated using the presence of the Ascot Racecourse, which would be immediately converted into a military encampment at the outset of war. This is just one example of how the city prepared for the global conflict – golf courses were converted to artillery ranges, prisoner of war camps were constructed in the financial district, and the harbor was mined with explosives.

The image on this map precludes all that chaos, but Sydney was still in the midst of an economic depression at the time of publication (as was much of the world). Several variations of roads can be seen, in addition to locations of interest, churches, recreational facilities, schools, beaches and bathhouses all individually labeled. An inset map in the upper left shows available tourist resorts in the immediate vicinity – another indication of a peacetime publication.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1939

Author: R. Beckhouse

Sheet Width (in): 30

Sheet Height (in): 39.75

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Fold lines as issued exhibit creasing and very minor wear. Near very fine overall. Uncolored and printed on inexpensive pulp paper.