G-2 After Action Reports of the 11th Armored Division


A pair of After Action Report maps detailing the movements of the 11th Armored in 1945.

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These two visual chronologies represent the action undertaken by the 11th Armored Division in the European Theater in March and April of 1945. The maps are largely featureless and present a simplified version of the complex operations undertaken by the “Thunderbolt” division. Generalized areas of advance are shown within the green borders and lines of movement are broken up by combat command and individually dated for each month.

One interesting element is the depiction of individual enemy units (and armies) using standard military symbols. Accompanying each map is a chronology and summary which provides fascinating details about the day to day operations of an armored unit during the final months of the war.

The maps were prepared by the intelligence section of the division headquarters and printed in June of 1945 by the 673rd Engineer Topographic Company.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: G-2 Section of HQ 11th Armored Division

Sheet Width (in): 28.70

Sheet Height (in): 21.60

Condition: B-

Condition Description: There are several condition issues between the pair. On the April, 1945 sheet, moderate staining and discoloration can be seen relegated largely to the empty margins. There is also wear and creasing along the fold lines and minor staining within the image. The March 1945 sheet also exhibits some staining and crinkling on the right side of the page. Both maps are complete and in fair to good condition overall.