Final Periodic Report 0812008 May 45 to 090018 May 45


Interesting chart showing the geographic composition of the U.S. Third Army on V-E Day with a one-of-a-kind draft edition.

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The memorialization of victory for United States armed forces during WWII is often complicated by the complexity of army organization. This chart attempts to clear up any confusion about the structure of the United States Third Army on V-E day (May 8) by showing each corps and its supporting divisions in their relative geographic location.

Imagine a map of Germany divided into four quadrants. The V Corps, comprised of five divisions, was in one sector from Pilsen to Prague, whereas the III Corps and its three divisions were deployed in the “west” near Salzburg. Although each unit is labeled individually, their respective emblems also provide an element of diversity and allude to the varied makeup of each army corps.

What makes this sheet unique is that it comes with an earlier, reduced “draft” version that was illustrated and annotated by hand. Several notes, presumably by a commanding officer who signed the document on June 19th in the lower right, provide insight into the complications behind creating even a simple sheet such as this.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: Whitmer-Wisehaupt-Riportella

Sheet Width (in): 22.30

Sheet Height (in): 20.00

Condition: B

Condition Description: Several stains visible on the right side of the sheet, which is also exhibiting wrinkling from where it was previously mis-rolled. A few chips in the outer edges. The accompany draft map is in excellent condition, save a few small tears.