Dixon’s Mickey Mouse Map of the United States


Fun-filled pictorial map issued as part of a children’s pencil kit from the mid-1930s.

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Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy are sightseeing across America on this neat little map copywritten by Walt Disney Enterprises. The iconic characters are pictured visiting nationwide attractions, working in local industries, and enjoying the natural splendor of the United States.

The China Clipper flying over the Pacific helps to date the map to sometime around 1935. It was originally issued as part of a children’s pencil set by the Dixon Crucible Company of New Jersey. According to the National Park Service,

“The Dixon Crucible Company, the largest and first crucible manufacturing company in the country. Joseph Dixon founded his company in 1827 in Salem, Massachusetts. Dixon manufactured the first graphite crucibles and stove polish that were ever made in this country. In 1847 his company moved to Jersey City and the company began production of lead (graphite) pencils. From these two products, crucibles and pencils, the Dixon Company was producing seventy one different products by 1917.”

Sources: National Park Service; Old World Auctions (Full Set) 

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1935

Author: Walt Disney Enterprises

Sheet Width (in): 14.1

Sheet Height (in): 10.6

Condition: B-

Condition Description: Two large pieces of paper tape on the hold together significant areas of separation along strong horizontal and vertical centerfolds. Some minor image loss and paper curling as a result. Light staining visible in the upper left and several small chips around the outer edges of the sheet. About fair condition overall.


1 in stock