Der Krieg 1939/40 In Karten [The World in Maps]

Third edition of a German atlas outlining the progress in the early years of World War II.

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This fascinating compilation of maps and descriptive text was printed by Knorr & Hirth K.G. in July of 1940 on behalf of the German Information Center in Berlin. The contents provide a decidedly biased overview of the historical events leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War, as well as the initial successes enjoyed by the German Army shortly after the capitulation of France.

Bright lithographed maps are accompanied by mendacious descriptions that couch Germany’s aggression as a need for defensive borders and place the blame for the global conflict squarely on England’s shoulders. Various theaters of war are examined in tremendous detail, including Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Africa, Scandinavia, and more. Specialized custom maps are also present, indicating the approximate aerial distance between Luftwaffe bases in Britain, the historic threat of Germany’s neighbors, and the growth of England’s overseas empire.

The text concludes with a final thought, “Es bleibt nur noch ein Feind: England!” [Only one enemy remains: England!]

Map Details

Publication Date: 1940

Author: Knorr & Hirth

Sheet Width (in): 8.25

Sheet Height (in): 11.75

Condition: B+

Condition Description: 80 pp. printed atlas with stapled binding and affixed with old cellophane tape to the original illustrated wraps. Complete, containing 29 single page and one double page map. Contents show light wear and toning consistent with age, but overall in very good condition. Creased corners, scattered soiling, and old crayon, pencil, and pen marks throughout.

Out of stock