Dated Events War Map


The 13th edition of Turner’s large Dated Events War Map

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This is a colorful map of the world drawn by artist Stanley Turner on behalf of C.C. Petersen Publishing and Advertising. It is the 13th edition (of nearly 30) in the Dated Events War Map series, licensed to companies in the U.S. and Canada who would produce the maps for distribution to the public. This particular example features the Chicago-based insurance company of Moore, Case, Lyman & Hubbard and was printed by Shaw-Barton, Inc. in Ohio.

The map shows the world on a slightly modified Mercator projection, with territory colored according to an area’s orientation in the ongoing global conflict. Military bases are identified using the symbol of the belligerent identified in the legend. Notes throughout the image give a decidedly biased overview of select events that had occurred in the war until late 1943, notably the liberation of Naples and Iran’s declaration of war. The map also features an inset map of the North Sea and Channel ports and two charts detailing the distance to Tokyo and Berlin from Allied airbases. Blank on verso.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1943

Author: Stanley Turner/C.C. Petersen

Sheet Width (in): 38.7

Sheet Height (in): 17.2

Condition: B

Condition Description: Some wear and creasing along the originally issued fold lines, and a few chips and stains in the outer margins. Soiling to the sheet near the title, and one small hole in the center. Remains good to very good overall.