Dated Events Map of World Conquests Victory Edition


A nice example of one of the most vivid maps in the Dated Events series.

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One of several editions of the Dated Events war maps to celebrate victory over Germany; what sets this map apart is the comparison of the Allied conquests in Europe to the greatest empires in history. Bold swathes of orange show the tremendous amount of territory re-captured from the Axis in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Six inset maps, showing roughly the same area, use color in a similar manner to emphasize and directly relate the accomplishments of history’s greatest conquerors, including Napoleon, the Mongols and Alexander the Great.

Despite its celebratory attitude, the image also shows that work remains to be done. “On to Tokyo” can be seen in bold white text on the right side of the map, which features the dark and light green of remaining Axis territory under Japanese control. An outdated chart highlighting aerial distances to the capital is also provided, but by this time aerial raids were taking place from bases and aircraft carriers much closer to the home islands of Japan.

The map was drawn by Stanley Turner and published in 1945 by C.C. Petersen of Toronto. This particular example was licensed for printing to the International Circulation Company in New York.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: Stanley Turner/C.C. Petersen

Sheet Width (in): 38.7

Sheet Height (in): 17.2

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Apart from some wear along the fold lines and a few small pinholes at the fold intersections, the map is in wonderful condition. Bold color on a clean sheet with full margins.