Colonial Problem


Double sided page with persuasive maps of the world showing conflict in colonial possessions and a Cold War depiction of the U.S.S.R.

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This map was published by the New York Sunday News in 1947 as part of a series of maps reflecting upon the postwar world, and on the growing power of the Soviet Union, boldly depicted in red at the top of the image. The image shows European and American colonial possessions from Africa to the Pacific and labels individual conflicts, territorial exchanges, and regional trusteeships. Open disputes are also listed and allude to forthcoming conflicts resulting from the tenuous situation. The map is not without optimism, however – “Great Britain, after a long struggle to settle the Palestine question, finally handed it over to the UN Security Council in the hope of a peaceful solution.” Conspicuously, any responsibility the United States may share in the contemporary global political situation is absent from the image and corresponding commentary.

On the verso of the board is a portentous map of “Red Russia,” showing the vast size of the new world power and its rapid territorial expansion.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1947

Author: Edwin Sundberg

Sheet Width (in): 21.5

Sheet Height (in): 15

Condition: C

Condition Description: The map is double sided and the image on both is in good condition, but the image on each has been backed to mounting board.