Carte Officielle Foldex du Tour de France


Linen backed advertising map of the 1950 Tour de France.

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This superb map of France and the surrounding countries combines topographical detail, informative insets and related advertising to create a highly appealing route map of the 1950 Tour de France. The end of each stage is represented by white boxes, cities with rest days (4 total) are represented by black boxes, and “rest” towns (places where teams can provide food & refreshments) are represented by black dots. In addition, clocks appear next to the two time trial stages. To add context regarding the extremely mountainous terrain, inset charts and maps are provided which detail the elevation changes experienced in several stages.

Practical information aside, perhaps the most striking elements of the map relate to the French advertisements for clothing, soda, and biscuits. The wheel in the center, itself an advertisement for a bicycle manufacturer, is intended to be used as a location to record the results of each stage of the race and includes photos of several participants. One such rider, Jean Robic, experienced a fall on the Col d’Aspin that many French supporters felt was caused by Gino Bartali, captain of the Italian team. This resulted in an assault on Bartali and the refusal of the Italian riders to continue the race, one of whom was wearing the yellow jersey. The jersey passed to Ferdinand Kübler, who went on to become the first Swiss winner of the Tour de France. Additionally, the exit of both Italian teams resulted in the race organizers changing the end of stage fifteen from San Remo (in Italy) to Menton (in France), which is not reflected in this map.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1950

Author: Georges Lang

Sheet Width (in): 26.5

Sheet Height (in): 38

Condition: A

Condition Description: Linen backed and in excellent condition