Campaigns of the Super Sixth Armored Division


Tremendous map highlighting the conquests of the Sixth Armored Division in Europe during World War II.

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This detailed map of the European Theater was issued to commemorate the actions of the Sixth Armored Division during the Second World War. The ‘Super Sixth’ was in action for over 270 days across the countryside of France and into the heart of Germany. The tactical and administrative marches, along with the area ‘conquered’ by the division, are noted within the map. From the Library of Congress website:

“Emblems of the American fighting forces in Europe adorn the top of the map. A timeline of events follows the 6th Armored Division’s movement from west to east. On the bottom is list and description of the 52 points noted. Three inset maps detail combat actions in Brest, Bastogne-Schnoenecken, and Nancy-Sarreguemines.

Of particular interest is the inset map for Bastogne, Belgium, that illustrates the 6th Armored Division’s movement during the Battle of the Bulge. Responding to the German surprise offense that had the goal of reaching Antwerp, the division raced to help relieve the 101st Airborne Division and other units that were desperately holding the town of Bastogne. The battle’s turning point, illustrated by point 31, occurred on January 9 and 10, when the 6th Armored Division assaulted over snowclad hills and destroyed numerous German armored vehicles and positions. The last major German offensive on the Western Front was stopped cold.”


Map Details

Publication Date: 1945

Author: Anonymous

Sheet Width (in): 35.75

Sheet Height (in): 15.50

Condition: C

Condition Description: The entire sheet is moderately toned and slightly brittle. Formerly folded, with several spots of paper loss at fold intersections near the center. Numerous tears on the left and right sides have been repaired on the verso with archival tape. Despite the obvious defects, the image remains almost entirely intact and in fair condition overall.


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