Bataille de Fleurus


Copperplate engraved plan of The Battle of Fleurus (1690).

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This detailed plan of the Battle of Fleurus was originally created in Paris by Nicholas de Fer and published around 1715 as part of his l’Atlas Curieux. It shows the disposition of French and Allied forces posted around the Belgian (then the Spanish Netherlands) town of Fleurus. Various contingents of soldiers, geographic features, and other locations of interest are labeled throughout the image.

The plan includes a sheet of descriptive text that provides additional information about the order of battle. Although it was a major engagement of The Nine Years’ War, the Battle of Fleurus had minimal impact as far as the strategic aims of the belligerents.

Map Details

Publication Date: c. 1715

Author: Nicholas de Fer

Sheet Width (in): 15.75

Sheet Height (in): 10.6

Condition: A-

Condition Description: Trimmed edges and scattered soiling visible in the margins, most concentrated in the lower right corner. Some darkening around the plateline from the original impression. Very good condition overall, with nice modern hand color.


1 in stock