America noviter delineata

The third state of Hondius’ map of the Western Hemisphere.

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This fantastic map of the Western Hemisphere is a beautiful example of the ongoing geographic understanding of the New World in the 17th century. The image, a popular one for its age, is based on earlier maps by Blaeu and was first published by Jocodus Hondius in 1618.

This is the third state, dated 1631, and the first to be issued by the original cartographer’s brother, Henricus. It is unchanged from the earlier editions with the exception of the decorative borders and updated author’s imprint.

The image presents the Western Hemisphere in some detail, with California depicted correctly as a peninsula and the eastern coast of North America beginning to take shape. However, the empty Great Lakes region, Terra Incognita at the bottom of the sheet, and bulging eastern coast of South America reflect just a few of the areas where more geographic data was needed.

Inset maps of both polar regions are included, presenting alluring options for the intrepid traveler to access the East. Decorative elements are also present in abundance. Apart from the sailing ships, sea monsters, and strapwork cartouche, the map also features a small vignette of cannibalism in Brazil’s interior!

References: Burden 192.

Map Details

Publication Date: 1631

Author: Henricus Hondius

Sheet Width (in): 22

Sheet Height (in): 18.9

Condition: B

Condition Description: The sheet is moderately toned from age and features several small spots of foxing visible in the lower right. Repairs on the verso to cracks caused by acidity in the paint. Original hand color.

Out of stock